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Strangers, by Rebecca Tamás

Reviewed by Juliano Zaffino || Tamás’ writing is defiantly hopeful – radically so – and yet unflinching, aware at all times of the inhumanity of both the human and nonhuman.

Weather, by Jenny Offill

Reviewed by Claire Thomson || How can we care about it all? And where to begin to describe what ‘all’ might encompass? The pandemic? Democracy in crisis? Climate change?

The sensible answer might be that we can’t.

A Ghost In The Throat, by Doireann Ni Ghríofa

Reviewed by Juliano Zaffino || “This is a female text.” A clear declaration of feminine literary intent, the mapping of body onto text, text onto body, begins and ends in Doireann Ní Ghríofa’s genre-defying prose debut A Ghost In The Throat.


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Recent Writing


by Annabel Banks || I was fifteen when he first turned up, some flashy guy in a leather coat with starlight in his eyes.


by Gráinne O’Hare || Blanche and Orla don’t notice Laoise crying at first; they are engaged in lively debate about how much vodka a tampon can hold.


by Fionna Cumming || March hits like a fist, these Ides the first we’ve truly had to be wary of since Caesar bled, and we didn’t heed the warnings.

White Elephant

by Sian Norris || “It just doesn’t look right,” Iris said, wringing her hands. Meghan couldn’t take her eyes off those hands. She didn’t think she’d ever seen anyone actually wring their hands before.


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