Manisha Chummun

Girls, girls, girls
Orphic creatures
A friend, a crush, a stranger
Only the genuine ones hit me hard on my imagination,
And I begin drawing the outlines of a city around her.
She has a sweet tooth
Her charm
I ransacked every corner of my mind to figure out the Dolce Vita
Until I met her
She is Rome
She bites into life with gusto and elegance,
The same way she indulges on dark chocolate.
Stylish Signora!
Whenever we schmooze, I simply revel in.
Priceless Felicità!
I turned my back to the Trevi fountain
And threw a coin
To come back to Rome,
Ayesha La Dolce Vita!

Manisha Chummun currently works as a web content editor for a French company. Her poems are part of a series called “Mein Aha-Erlebnis” of which a few were published on Free Verse Revolution.