Ayesha (2)

Manisha Chummun

I wish I could begin a painting of her. 
I grabbed a paint brush. 
Too bad, 
I’m just a poet with clumsy hands. 

I figured out her paradox, 
The girl who can suffuse La Dolce Vita, 
Bringing colors and sweet scents to a nondescript workplace,  
also has the blatant appeal of a Chiaroscuro art composition. 

Here I am, sitting on the edge of the Trevi fountain, 
Pondering alone… 
When the cafés and gelato shops are closed, 
Late at night,  
The alleys of Rome are deserted, 
Only stray cats can be heard. 
The dolce vita girl has had dark days of deception. 
She incarnates Rome, 
Bright and baroque, 
Where her joie de vivre cohabits with her stygian yet enticing psyche, 
And I sigh while I caress the fountain water, 
Anserine beings only notice a common pretty girl, 
While I descry an awe-inspiring artwork worthy of admiration. 

Caravaggio would revel in painting her. 
I’m convinced he’d end up with a masterpiece.

Manisha Chummun currently writers free-verse poetry besides her full time job. Her poems are part of a series called “Mein Aha-Erlebnis” of which a few were published on Free Verse Revolution.