Calm in Storms

Susan Hatters Friedman

The twins are finally asleep. Hannah and I are alone at the table, voices hushed. Exhausted. A thankful quiet peace. Our leftover Subways on proper plates rather than their wrappers, eaten in the silence. I move my foot to stroke hers. 

She shudders.  

‘I hate our life. I want out.’

My lip quivers.

Dishes fly. 

Shards scatter.

Grabs her coat. Slams the door. 

The wailing starts. Times two. Bewildered, I race up the back stairs.

I need to act calm. Like with dogs.



Feel warmth flooding my chest, I calm my babies. 

Susan Hatters Friedman is a psychiatrist specialising in forensic psychiatry and maternal mental health. Her creative writing is also forthcoming in Eclectica, MacQueen’s Quinterly, and Drunk Monkeys.