Last Supper

Angèle Eliane

Sat at the table 
We looked 
Chicken and potatoes 
Sourdough bread 
With holes 
Bigger than the ones
You pierced in my soul 
The oven tinged
We spoke 
As the words 
In our mouths 
Chewing on the past 
We didn’t understand 
The last 
The fast 
The too much eating 
The family dying 
We put more on our plates 
To swallow the grief 
Of the conversations 
We couldn’t have 

Angèle Eliane is a French writer living in London. Her work has been published in Entropy Mag, The Mechanics Institute Review, Psyche Magazine and La Plume. She has recently graduated from an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck and is working on her first collection of personal essays.