The Master of Omission

Anne McGhee

The master of the art of omission
Plays her cards right every night
Eyes glinting as she goes about her mission
And leaves before the first sign of daylight

People say a lot about her
The heels the jewellery the dress
But she vanishes in the morning glare
After another night of excess

Her cards are spread across the table
Because another night means another game
In the casino room coloured of sable
But nobody actually knows her name

Her neck is always a shade of red
And when asked she just smiles
And leaves things unsaid
Asking whoever if they want to stay a while

The master of omission was seen yesterday
Waiting for a train going who knows where
Just another normal Tuesday
And the cynics just offered their prayers

They say she’s got someone waiting
Hiding in the wings just for her love
And they wonder why she’s hesitating 
If being official is somehow not behove

But still every night she returns
Keeps her cards to her chest
Calm as the candles burn
The places most honoured guest

She wins every single time
And they place their heads in their hands
Ask for another tequila and lime
And revaluate their plans

The master of omission comes home late
Most nights and utters her apologies
And to her wife promises to compensate
Sits and listens to her cosmology

But it’s quite alright
Yes it’s quite alright
Because the master of omission you see
Well she always comes home to me

Anne is a poet living in the North East of Scotland. She recently graduated with an upper second-class-honours degree in English Literature, and has been writing for several years. Her poetry tends to focus on emotions and the human experience.  Find her on Twitter at @annemcx_.