Started in Edinburgh in 2014, SEVERINE was relaunched as online-only in November 2019, after seven issues and a move to London. As well as the creative writing we love, we’ve expanded the content to include book reviews and literary features. Instead of separate issues, we now have new content rolling out on a constant basis.

In the five years since SEVERINE first launched, we’ve put together seven issues brimming with fiction, poetry, CNF, photography, and illustration. Some issues have been digital and some in print, with each issue focused around a theme. You can read more about our previous issues, and read them all, by clicking here.

We have a book club (based in London, but you can take part in via Instagram too), and we’ll be putting on some collaborative events in 2020 too.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new look — contact us here, or chat to us on instagram and twitter